What Is Leaf Mulch And Important of Mulching Leaves To Plants

Leaf mulch is important for every garden. It is rich in organic nutrition such as carbon. Leaf much is the shredded leaves into the smallest pieces. These tiny shredded leaves can use either compost pile or mulching the plant surface soil. Both of these methods’ final result is the same, but these two methods have many different benefits.

How to mulch leaves? You can easily make mulch from leaves by shredding them into small pieces. The easiest method is using leaf mulchers or a lawnmower. For mulch leaves from the lawnmower, spread a layer of leaves on the lawn run over several times. When using leaf mulcher, add leaves from the top basket and shredded them. For vacuum mulcher, blow the leaves together to make a small pile and suck them up.

Adding leaf mulch for a garden has many benefits. For organic gardeners and farmers, this is a valuable asset. Apart from that, to grow the perfect lawn, removing fallen leaves crucial. Adding mulch leaves into the lawn or vegetable garden improve soil nutrients level.

Mulch Leaves

Important to use Mulching Leaves.

Reduce evaporation of water in plants: Adding a layer of mulched leaves to flower beds, pots soil surface will reduce solar heating and the temperature of the soil. It is highly beneficial in the hot summer season. This will reduce the houseplant water requirement and keep plants moist for a longer time.

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Keep soil moist: When the evaporation reduces by the layers of mulch leaves, it will help to retain soil moisture. It will improve plant water absorption. This is the more important thing after fertilizing the plant. Because plants’ root hairs absorb fertilizer after it dissolves with water.

Prevent weeds growth: These shredded leave layers can easily prevent weeds growth. These sucker plants use your garden fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer to plants: Fallen leaves are rich in carbon, which is essential nutrients to the growth of the plant. Adding a few layers of mulched leaves improves the nutrients level of the soil.

Improve Earthworms’ population: When these earthworms eat organic materials they produce worm castings every day. They are highly valuable fertilizer. When the surface is covered by leaf mulch, it protects worms from predators like birds. Eath worms improve soil aeration. Apart from that, these small species can easily convert organic material into rich nutrients.

Increase compost Pile Decompose: Fallen leaves essential elements in the homemade compost pile. Adding shredded leaves increase the decomposing process.


The best method to Mulch leaves.

The leaf mulch machine is the best method. Most of the mower has a mulching blade if your device not available you have to go the standalone mulcher. There are mainly two types of mulcher devices. Top loaded standalone machine and vacuum leaf mulcher. Shredding the leaves into the smallest pieces is more useful. You can refer to my best leaf mulcher blog post. When selecting the shredder always go for metal blades.

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Is it Good Mulch leaves into the lawn?

As I describe above shredded leaves improve the soil nutrition level naturally. Make sure that you have shredded leaves into tiny pieces. Mulching leaves on the lawn good practice, though adding too much mulch leaves into lawn causes many issues. It reduces airflow and sunlight. It can cause the grass underneath to die.

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