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In an urban area, there are plenty of vertical spaces that we can use for growing indoor plants. Besides, it is beneficial to reduce the indoor temperature especially in hot summer times and purify the air. Selecting the right vertical garden wall plants somewhat difficult.

Living walls are now more popular especially in the latest urban exterior and interior designs. In this blog post, we are going to introduce indoor living wall plants that you can easily grow in a vertical garden.

When you are selecting an indoor living wall planter, you have to pay attention to the following things,

  • Regular maintenance requirement.
  • Lighting requirement.

Vertical Garden live wall

If the plant requires regular maintenance such as daily watering, monthly fertilizer it is a bit harder. Moreover, if the plant requires brighter sunlight, then it is not the best living wall planter. As a house planter, we do not have enough time to daily maintain the plants. Always you have to select less care green wall plants.

Vertical Garden Wall Plants Type.

You can grow edible plants like vegetables, herbs, or fruits as well as ornamental plants in the green wall. In this post, you can find edible plants and ornamental plants that you can grow in living walls or green walls.

  • Ornamental Plants.
  • Edible Living wall Plants.


Living Wall Ornamental Plants.


Succulents are the best plants for outdoor vertical gardens. These family plants require less maintenance. So no need for daily watering. Most significant thing is that they are slow-growing plants. So no, need regular pruning, fertilizer, and repotting.

There are many varieties. Snake Plant, Woolly Senecio, Chalk Liveforever, Burro’s-tail, Rhipsalis crepuscular are the best plants for vertical gardens. Succulent plants require well drainage sandy potting mix.

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Spider plant.

This is another low light require an indoor plant. It is one of the easily grow living wall planter. Growing spider plants in vertical gardens super simple. This plant can grow in different climate conditions and it is an easily adaptable plant. Spider plant light requirement different. It prefers bright light to partial shade. Depending on your vertical garden light conditions, it can easily grow.


Spathiphyllum/ Peace Lilies.

Spathiphyllum is another flowering plant for vertical gardening. This plant is also called Peace Lilies. This is a moist loving plant and its soil should well drain. This is not just a flowering plant it has nice leaves. This plant grows 16 to 50 inches. Most of the varieties grow around 16 to 20 inches.

Though it loves moist, regular watering not require. Peace lilies require one or two times fertilizing per year and annual repotting require. Peace lilies have shiny leaves and they are dust magnets. This indoor plant loves partial sunlight and grows well under the indoor grow lights.


Nephrolepis Boston Fern

Nephrolepis Boston Fern plant is also called sword fern or Boston fern. It is easy to maintain an indoor green wall plant. This is tropically a small indoor plant. Boston fern loves partial shade sunlight and it has a low water requirement. Just like other plants when the surface soil dried, can water.

The best soil for the Boston fern soil mix is a loamy organic-rich potting mix. When growing Boston fern in a vertical garden, you must provide good drainage.


Chinese evergreens.

Chinese evergreens are one of the best vertical garden wall plant. It grows around 3 feet high. This indoor living wall plant has a hybrid variety. Like other indoor green wall plants, this one requires low light with good soil moisture. It requires a well-drained potting mix, adding perlite or charcoal improves the drainage of the pot.

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The ideal temperature for this green wall plant is 65-80 ºF (18-27 ºC) temperature. This is not a heavy fertilizer feeder. Adding homemade compost with animal manure to the potting mix gives more leaves. Refer the full detail of how to care for Aglaonema plant indoor garden.


Cebu Blue Pothos.

Cebu Blue Pothos is a tropical plant and could grow indoor and outdoor as a vertical garden wall planter. This is another less care plant. It requires low to medium light it is not like direct sunlight.

Since it has minimal, maintain you do not need regular fertilizer and water. Water once the surface soil is dried, and once a year fertilizer required. The potting mix should well drain. Cebu Blue Pothos grow 4 to 40 feet tall, but indoors container it is not growing above 10 feet.


Baby’s tears.

Baby’s tears are another best plant for vertical garden containers. Just like the mint, it has eye-catching tiny green color leaves. To decorate your vertical wall garden, one container requires several plants. A single pot can plant multiple plants.

The Baby’s tears require partial sunlight. If the plant over exposed to direct sunlight it turns brown. When you are growing Baby’s tears in the indoor vertical garden better provide artificial growing lights. When watering always water to the soil.


Calathea crocata.

The eternal flame is easy to grow a vertical garden wall plant for your green wall. It requires loose lightweight with well drain soil. Adding organic-rich compost provides a perfect growing potting mix. For the best growth, and bright colors this plant requires indirect light.

Calathea, grow well in 65°F- 80°F (18°C to 26°C) temperature. Eternal flame requires regular applications of water when the surface soil is dried. This is not a heavy fertilizer feeder when preparing a potting mix to add more organic matter. Unless the plant grows extremely large repotting not requires every year. So always you have to check the pot size and plant size.

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Wandering Jew Plants.

Wandering Jew Plants is another easy to grow ornamental plant that easily grows in living wall plant. This plant requires slightly moist soil with partial sunlight. It grows around 9 inches in height. Depending on the varieties, it has pink, rose-purple, or white flowers.


Living Wall Edible Plants.


Mint is one of the easy vertical herb garden plants. It does not require much maintain afford. This plant flows out in your indoor vertical garden. Mint requires a high level of light and regular watering. So better to hang it close to the floor.

Mint is one of the essential plants for a vertical herb garden. The only issue with growing mint in vertical gardens is it can easily take over other plants’ space. So weekly pruning is required. You can read all things about how to care for the mint plant in my detailed post.


Salad Bowl/ Lactuca sativa.

There are many varieties in this family. The salad bowl is a loose-leaf lettuce plan that you can use for your homemade food recipes. This plant grows around 6 inches tall. It requires well-drained loose soil. Adding homemade organic compost definitely improves the soil nutrition level. The salad bowl grows in full to partial sunlight with good soil moisture.

This plant is a high nitrogen feeder; you can use well-rotted manure or compost as a fertilizer. Lactuca has different colors, so it is the best vertical garden wall plant. In a single living wall, you can grow different colored lettuce plants to make it more attractive.

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