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Main garden garbage is fallen leaves and small plants and tree branches. Garden garbage disposal is somewhat headache. These fallen leaves are good fertilizers for your garden plants. Plants’ leaves are rich in nitrogen and carbon which are essential for plants’ health and growth. Fallen leaves can use for mulching or add to a homemade compost pile. Shredding the leaves into the smallest pieces improves the decomposing process. If your lawnmower does not have mulching blades, the best option is to go for the leaf mulcher tool. This is a perfect garden garbage manager.

What is a leaf mulcher? A leaf mulcher is a portable tool that can shred leaves into very small pieces in your garden. Some of the high-end devices can shred branches.  Most of these devices are standalone or handheld devices and powered by electricity or gas. This tool can turn many bags of leaves, or debris into just 1 bag within a few minutes.

Most of these leaves mulcher has an average of 10:1 or higher mulch ratio. Some of the tools have an even 18:1 higher ratio. When buying this equipment you have to consider that ratio too.

Mulch Leaves

How Do Leaf Mulchers Work?

When adding leaves to the machine, its blades shred them into very tiny pieces and move them into a bin or basket underneath. In the market, we can see mainly two types of devices. They are top-loaded and a vacuum type. In the top-loaded machines, users have to put all the garbage on its top basket. In the leaf mulcher vacuum device, it works like a regular vacuum cleaner. It sucks all the leaves and shreds them into tiny pieces. Depending on the motor capacity, these devices’ mulch ratio changes.

Important of Leaves mulch.

Reduces water evaporation: There are many benefits of mulched leaves. In the summer shredded leaves protect soil surface drying by reducing the evaporation. It can easily keep the moisture in the soil. So it may not need regular watering.

Prevent weeds and grasses: In other seasons these shredded leaves prevent weeds and small grasses from growings.

Compost mix: When creating an organic compost mix, shredded leaves increase the decomposing process. These things are rich in many organic nutritions.

Safeguard friendly worms:  Leaf mulch improves the earthworms’ population by safeguarding these insects against birds. These worms give many benefits to gardening, for an instance improve soil aeration.

Other benefits are,  these tiny pieces of leaves will also beneficial to prevent soil erosion. Also when watering garden plants, these tiny leaves layer protect against water pressure digging the soil.

Who Are They For?

Leaves mulcher is a perfect tool if you prefer to use organic compost for your garden plants. Because this handy tool can improve the fallen leaves and other garden garbage decomposition process. Another persons are if you have lots of garden garbage, this is a good garbage disposal tool. It can shred leaves and small woods into tiny pieces within a few seconds.

How to Select Best Leaf Mulcher?

It depends on your requirement.

Mulch ratio: Some of the tools have a higher mulch ratio. Those devices bit more expensive. For an instance 18:1 more expensive than the 10:1 device.

Motor Capacity: Depending on the device electric motor it determines the price and capabilities. For instance, 13Amp is less powerful than the 15Amp. When the motor capacity increase it can shred harder things like plant branches. When the device’s electric motor capacity increasing its can easily shred small branches and bushes.

Blades type: In the market, we can see that there are mainly two types of blades. They are plastic and metal mulching blades. The leaf mulcher with metal blades is more durable than the plastic ones. Using the metal blades, you can shred the hard garden garbage like small branches.

Types of Garden garbage: If the garden has leaves and lots of branches, select a high capacity machine (higher Amp motor). Lower capacity vacuum-type devices may suck when shredding the small branches, though if it has a higher Amp motor it is not a big issue. For instance 15Amp motor.

Available Options: Almost all the handheld mulchers are multi-function. For instance, these multi-purpose devices have Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum factions. Depending on your requirement select a standalone or handheld device. Some of the multi-function handheld munchers are cheaper than the standalone device. Standalone devices have limited options.

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