How to Care Aloe Vera Plant At Home – 8 Tips

Aloe vera plant belongs to the Liliaceae family and it’s believed that it originates from the Arabian peninsula. Now, this plant grows on many continents including American, Asian, Australian. This plant can grow in tropical, semi-tropical, and desert climates. We need less effort for care the aloe vera plant and it requires less water and fertilizer requirement to grow. You can grow it inside or outside of your premises. This is a good herbal plant as well as it can use to decorate your garden or courtyard. Aloe vera can use to sunburn your skin.

Aloe plants grow in a dry climate, the sand mix soil is ideal growing condition. We can use 60% sand 20% compost and 20% soil mixture. Good water drainage is a key requirement for this plant. In this post, let talk about all think that you need to know caring aloe vera plant in your indoor or outdoor garden. To improve the soil drainage, you can add a few activated charcoal or perlite.

well care aloe vera plant



How to care aloe vera plants in the winter season?

This plant is well grown in dry conditions. In the winter season, the aloe vera plant becomes dormant, so it grows slowly and needs a little amount of water. To get more sunlight, move the plant near to the window. If you can provide artificial light it gives more protection to this cactus succulents plant in the winter.

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How often to water aloe plants indoors.

Aloe vera plant grows best in dry conditions and grows well in sand mix soil. Water requirements base on direct sunlight, temperature, and humidity. When the soil surface water evaporated and dry, then you can water aloe vera. If it dries 1-3 inches deep, then that’s the best time to watering. In the winter it is around 4 weeks or more, but it always depended on the environment’s humidity level. Before water, check the soil condition. This plant roots not growing deeply, so no need to add too much water. You can read more about water and soil mixture in “Why Aloe plant turns to yellow” post.

How often fertilize?

This plant not necessarily regular fertilized. You can add a few fertilizers, once a year in the spring and water well. It better uses organic fertilizer. Like I mentioned above paragraph, its roots not growing deeply, so when adding fertilizer keep remember it. If you are using chemical fertilizer, no need to dig deeper, just add a few fertilizers and cover it by adding a small amount of soil. Once added fertilizer properly water aloe vera plant. Organic fertilizer is suitable for this type of plant.

How to keep an aloe plant alive?

This plant requires good sunlight exposure, though it burns heavily in too much sun. In the winter, place this plant near a window, the rest of the year keep at least 2 hours in direct sunlight. Low light not good for this plant. It does not require direct sunlight all the time, better partial shade all day with few hours direct sun. Also, follow the above water treatment recommendation. Overexposure to direct sun with no water treatment, aloe vera plant turns red.

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How often do you water aloe vera plants outdoor?

Like indoors growing aloe plant, you can water when the surface soil dry. No need for regular watering. We can’t mention the exact date range, because it depends on your environment temperature and humidity. You can identify it by checking the surface soil.

Why is my aloe plant turning red?

When the leaves turn red means you haven’t care aloe vera plant. There can be several reasons. It can be overexposure to direct sunlight over a longer period of time without proper watering. Like most of the other plants, this one can easily recover itself with proper watering and giving partial shade. Make sure that your plant exposure to direct sunlight for around 2-3 hours.

The best pot for the care aloe plant.

Aloe has a shallow but wider root system. So it is suitable for shallow pots. The well-grown plant requires around an 8-inch deep and width pot, more than an 8-inch diameter is not suitable for a single plant. To keep the plant healthy, it needs a well-drained pot. You can use a clay pot or plastic pot. The clay pot is dry faster than the plastic, so it’s the best option if you are living in a rainy area.

Aloe Vera Soil Mix Recipe.

This plant growing perfectly on the sandy fields. Like other Liliaceae plants, it needs an arid environment condition. Your pot’s soil should well drain and properly irrigated. Aloe requires few fertilizers. In order to transfer water quickly, we need more sands and less soil mixture for aloe houseplants.

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For an Aloe vera houseplant, I use 60% portions of sands and 20% compost, and 20% normal sand. Adding a few activated charcoals improve the water drainage. In your area charcoal is more expensive you can use perlite. If you can’t easily find a compost mixture, you can use potting soil. After you prepare the aloe vera soil mixture, make sure that when water is added to the pot, it should drain very quickly. If the drain is very slow, add more sand. If the soil keeps a high level of moisture, it will rot the roots.

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