All About Pebble Tray | Increase Humidity For Indoor Plants

The Pebble tray is a simple dish or shallow tray fill-up with small pebbles, gravel, or small rock chips and water. It place underneath the plants’ pot and these small rocks prevent the plant and pot from getting too wet. Simple technique but more effective way to control indoor plants’ humidity requirements. This is a perfect and unsophisticated method to preventing leaves and flowers from becoming brown and crispy. In another word, this is a good humidifier for houseplants.

It’s just a simple way to control the humidity around the plants. Since evaporation is slow around the houseplant, it doesn’t require much water to the plant and the soil does not quickly dry. This is a perfect idea to control the humidity levels in the summer and it’s better than putting water droplets on the leaves. Because adding water droplets on the plants’ leave is different than water molecules in the air.

This saucer tray can also use as a decorative tray for your indoor houseplants like monstera. You can use different colors of pebbles for that. Then it’s not just a humidifier for indoor or outdoor plants. This method also reduces indoor plants’ water requirements and keep your humidity loving plants happy.

pebble tray to increase humidity


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Which types of dish/saucer suitable for a pebble tray.

The main goal of this dish improves the humidity around the houseplant. The terracotta flat dish/saucer is the best solution. If you can not easily find terracotta, you can go for ceramic, glass dishes. Another important thing is your saucer tray should bigger than the plants’ pot. For the best result, the humidity pebble tray should be at least 4 inches larger than the houseplant pot. Alternatively, you can place small houseplants pots in a large wet pebble saucer tray.

How can I prevent mosquitoes in pebble humidity trays?

You can use mosquito dunks can prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs on your wet pebble tray. It’s non-toxic to all others (except mosquitos 😀 ). If you can’t easily find it you can use a small bit of soap.

How do I keep humidity trays clean?

You can use a disinfectant, fungicide, virucide includes chemicals to clean the pebble rocks. If you like to go for non-toxic, you can use
a wire brass/copper sponge to remove algae on rocks. If your pebble tray has small rock chips you have to use a chemicals base cleaning method.

How much water should fill the tray?

Your humidity tray should not go over the pebbles. Always try to use purified water. To improve the extra moisture around the plant always use a flat saucer tray. When the tray diameter increases it enhance humidity around the plants.

How often change the pebble tray water.

When the water evaporated that’s the right time to change the water. You have to change the water before it becomes green in color or started growing algae. Better check the water once every two days.

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Which type of pebbles or gravel suitable for the humidity tray?

It depends on which type of pot that you are going to place on top of the tray. If you have a large pot, you can select medium-size pebbles or gravels. If you have a small pot better use smaller pebbles or gravels. To maintain the stability of your pot, you need to choose the right pebbles that fit the pot. If not the plant may fall to the ground.


How to make a humidity tray for plants?

We can easily make a humidity tray for indoor plants. This tray can prepare with very basic three items.

  • Around 1-inch depth saucer tray.
  • Enough pebbles – smaller one better.
  • Pure water.

When selecting pebbles for humidity tray, you have to consider the pots’ stability. If you are going to place a smaller pot/container at the top of the wet pebble tray use smaller pebbles. Saucer tray depth is very important. Because if it has higher dish it can keep more water.

Add all pebbles to the dish and add enough water. But never fill water over the pebbles. That is all. To prevent mosquito growth add mosquito dunks.

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